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Skeena Fly Zone is a fly fishing and fly tying information site. Here you will find articles on fly fishing techniques, fly tying tips and instructions, reviews of fly fishing tackle, conservation information, travel reports, instructional videos on casting and fly tying, and more.

Think of Skeena Fly Zone as the place where you and your fishing buddies gather to tie some flies, have a drink, and swap fishing stories. Here you can communicate with like-minded fishermen, get answers to questions from experts, take lessons, review what guides do when they go fishing, or just get inspiration from our wide range of articles.

We strive to retain an authentic roots feel. Angling in essence is a quiet, contemplative outdoor activity with a strong connection to nature. Promotion of nature conservation and a sustainable approach to our sport are key aspects that we value.

As our society progresses into a more complex and competitive social structure, angling, and fly fishing specifically, is following this trend. The goal of Skeena Fly Zone is to promote a more conservative, sustainable use of rivers, lakes, oceans, and the fish in it, and focus on the contemplative, non-competitive nature of our sport. We further promote communication and cooperation between the various groups that participate or interact with fly fishing.

We try to provide clear, well-researched information. This is also a place where we reveal new ideas, innovations.

All conservation organizations have free space to represent themselves as well as free sidebar advertising. We try to promote unifications of conservation efforts and hope that this site can be a place where conservation groups can introduce their concepts to each other.

We are a Canadian organization, located in Smithers, British Columbia; the steelhead hub of the world. Many of our topics will be about our steelhead fishery here, local conservation efforts and fly tying and fly fishing topics that relate to steelhead and pacific salmon. However, we also cover a wide range of other species and locations.

We welcome your input, suggestions and participation in Skeena Fly Zone and hope you will enjoy your visit to our site.

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