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by colin

Fly Tying Recipes


Fly Tying Recipe for Runners
Course: Steelhead Flies
Cuisine: Tube Flies
Keyword: Runners, Steelhead Flies, Tube Flies
Yield: 1


  • - 3mm plastic glitter tube
  • - bead with 3.2mm hole
  • - Snowrunner brush
  • - monofilament
  • - thread
  • - Accent flash and/or Flashabou
  • - Predator saddle hackles
  • - Marabou
  • - optional: conehead with 3mm hole


  • - place 3mm glitter tube in vise
  • - create mono stopper
  • - super glue mono stopper
  • - slide bead against stopper
  • - tie in Snowrunner brush and take 3 turns
  • - tie in flash
  • - tie in saddle hackles
  • - tie in marabou and take 3 turns
  • - optional: finish fly with cone head


Runners are a great all-round steelhead pattern. The tear-drop body formed by the Snowrunner brush is easy to cast yet retains a great profile in the water. The size can be varied depending on conditions or target species. In larger sizes Runners are a great pattern for Chinook salmon. Runners are extremely durable. All materials are available at https://www.skeenariverflysupply.com