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A DOT Tube Closer Pattern Variation of the Classic Green Butt Skunk

Our new DOT tubes are developed to accommodate hook sizes commonly used in Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead fishing for low, clear water conditions. Standard tube designs will cause the hook to trail too far behind very small tubes, causing the pattern to look out of proportion. The Drilled Out Tube design allows the eye of the hook to sit within the tube, thus maintaining correct proportions.

For steelhead small patterns are used to hook steelhead that have refused to take a dry fly; the so called “closer pattern”. Many anglers will tie these closer patterns on traditional salmon/steelhead hooks. The disadvantage of that is that these types of hook do not hold as well as the shorter shanked tube hooks. Furthermore, the classic hook style does not lend itself very well for very short/small patterns. There is also an added advantage that comes with any tube use; more durable and less wear on the fly.

Here is a step-by-step of a variation of the classic Green Butt Skunk, a very good closer pattern, tied on a DOT tube. Since the DOT tubes are very small it is important to use material that are soft and not too course. For example: on a standard sized Green Butt Skunk my preferred material for the wing is Polar Bear, however, this material is too course for a tube the size of a DOT.  I have substituted the Polar Bear for Snow Runner under-fur which is perfect for this purpose. A similar material substitution is useful for the body: I have replaced the normal seal dubbing for the softer European Wild Boar under-fur, which is softer and easier to manipulate for small patterns.

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